To The Front.



 Every morning the questions await:

Can it be lighter?

Does that add line speed?

Will it be flawless under higher load?

Here is where the answers play out.  

At The Front…where we must be. 

No compromises.

No end to the commitment.



Hempel World Cup Series Miami

Checking in with Harken sailors and coaches at the 2019 Hempel World Cup Series Miami.


Breeze-On For RNZYS Youth Match Cup

Waitemata Harbour played host to fast and furious racing last week for the 2019 RNZYS Nespresso Youth International Match Racing Cup supported by Harken.


A Partnership for Self-Sufficiency with Gitana

At the front, there is no playbook. See the full story behind Harken’s partnership with Gitana Team and their Ultime trimaran Maxi Edmond de Rothschild.



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Getting to the Front…

Long before start ups were called startups, Harken began after hours, with a single idea that turned into a breakthrough. Olaf and Peter didn’t set out to transform our sport. They just wanted to make some equipment that helped the best sailors extend the possible. When they arrived at the front we were along for the ride. And what a ride it’s been.


In 1980, the Harken brothers joined in a collaborative syndicate named Slingshot, with the goal of breaking the world speed sailing record.

The Harken Tech Team in its native environment at the Sailing World Cup Miami, a key stop on the Olympic qualification circuit.

Amoco Procyon, an innovative new approach to design, re-imagined all aspects of a traditional sailboat, including the first-ever uses of a canting keel.

Since the 1977 debut of Harken gear in the America’s Cup on board Sverige, the cup has been a key test bench for new products.